Solutions to stop travel sickness


About 90% of adults will suffer from travel sickness at some point and children tend to experience the worst symptoms. It's no surprise that when the sun shines more people take to the roads, especially during school holidays. But for many people, even short journeys can be a nightmare if they're affected by travel sickness.

Direct motor insurer Diamond, which specialises in car insurance for women, has some simple but effective ways to reduce your chances of suffering when you travel.

  1. Keep your car ventilated by opening windows a little.

  2. Breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth.

  3. Suck a boiled sweet or a mint.

  4. Stop the car regularly on long journeys for breaks.

  5. Avoid reading and writing or focussing on near objects.

  6. Do not eat heavy meals before or during travel.

  7. Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol. Sipping still drinks or water will prevent dehydration.

  8. Focus on a distant object straight ahead.

  9. If your child is affected by travel sickness, use a car seat, which raises their height so they can see out of the front of the car.

  10. Games such as "I-Spy" or counting cars help to distract children and encourage them to look at distant objects.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond, said, "Travel sickness can be an unpleasant and disruptive experience. Medication and treatments are widely available from pharmacists, and serious cases of travel sickness should be referred to a doctor, however, we wanted to point out there are practical tips for travellers for preventing travel sickness, or at least minimising the symptoms."

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