Informed women buyers say"no thanks"to salespeople


They may be an integral part of the car buying process, but Diamond has found out that women rate salespeople as the least important factor when buying a new car.

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond, asked over 300 women what was most important to them when purchasing a car, and the make, price, and cost of running the car came out on top. At the other end of the scale, the salesperson, the reputation of the dealership and the colour of the car came out as being of little importance to female customers.

This may well be bad news for salespeople, who do not seem to hold much sway with women drivers, and this research also indicates that most women have already decided what car they wish to buy before they get anywhere near a salesperson.

Sian Lewis, Diamond's managing director, said, "It's easy to get carried away and spend more than you should but it seems that women avoid this temptation by thinking carefully about how much they can really afford before they step through the showroom door. It is possible that salespeople's hard sell tactics are falling on deaf ears with the female population, who it appears, prefer to make informed decisions, rather than be persuaded by people working on the showroom floor."

She continued, "Men should also note that women are breaking traditional stereotypes, and are concerned with more than just the colour when they are choosing a car!"

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