Would shoe believe it? British women’s shoe buying habits revealed


  • UK women spent more than £3billion* on shoes last year
  • The average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes but regularly wears just seven of them
  • The average woman owns twice as many shoes as her partner
  • One in eight women have argued with their partner about their shoe collection
  • Over a third of the women wear uncomfortable shoes because they love the way they look

New research reveals women in the UK spent around £3.35billion* on shoes last year but still leave two thirds of their collection of high heels, boots and sandals in the wardrobe.

Car insurance specialist, Diamond has revealed the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes but regularly wears just seven pairs of them. The study of 2,000 women across the UK also revealed one in twenty women are true shoe devotees and own more than 50 pairs while 7% buy 10 or more pairs each year.

Natalie Grimshare, spokesperson for Diamond said, “According to our study, the average woman owns twice as many shoes as her partner and for some women their shoe spending habits have even caused arguments.

“As many as one in eight of the women we questioned told us they’ve argued with their partner either about the amount they spend on shoes or the sheer number of pairs they own.”

Diamond’s research also suggests women in the UK prefer quantity over quality. 69% said if they were given £300 to spend on shoes, they would rather buy lots of cheaper shoes rather than one expensive pair.

That said many women still desire expensive shoes and the brand most coveted is Christian Louboutin, with almost one fifth (18%) of women saying it’s the brand they most crave.

In terms of shoe styles, the average woman owns more high heels than any other type of footwear and many will sacrifice comfort over style. Over a third (36%) of the women questioned admitted to wearing uncomfortable shoes just because they love the way they look.

Natalie continues, “Anyone who takes out a policy direct from Diamond before 30th April 2013 has the chance to win £300 a month to spend on shoes for a whole year.

“The average woman spends £41 on a pair of shoes so if she wins our competition, she could buy more than 70 pairs over the year!”

Visit http://www.diamond.co.uk/shoes/ for more information on the competition.

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