Women in top gear for motoring


Female motorists are the brunt of many a car-related gag, yet new research reveals women are savvier about cars and motoring than many men give them credit for. Indeed, the average woman considers her car to be more important than clothes, makeup or holidays.

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond asked more than 4,000 women from across the country for their views on motoring, and found 44% like talking about cars with their friends, and almost two thirds enjoy watching Top Gear.

The Diamond Women and Their Cars Survey also revealed, unlike what some men might have you believe, less than 3% of women would choose a car based on its colour. 

Indeed, nearly half of women enjoy chatting with their friends about cars. .

In fact, the top two reasons women cited for choosing a particular car were economy and price, both chosen by 20% of women. A further 12% of women said the make and model would be the deciding factor in their choice.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond said, “Our research shows many of the stereotypes you hear about women drivers are very much outdated and untrue.

“Today's generation of women drivers keep up to date with the motoring world, make informed motoring choices and take efforts to look after their wheels.”
Three-quarters of women said they know how to check the oil, water and tyre pressure on their car.  A quarter of these women make sure they do the necessary checks before a long journey, and 16% check their car once a month. However, more than a third admitted they do know how but rarely service their car, and only 27% admit to never doing it as they don't know how. 

The poll also shows that women are practical drivers too, preferring the reassurance of a torch and altas in their glove compartment compared to that that offered by lippy, mascara or a compact.  15% of women keep a torch to hand, 12% an altas, compared to 8% who make sure they've got make-up in the glove box.

If you would like more information about Diamond's Women and Their Cars survey please visit www.diamond.co.uk/survey.  

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