Women drivers strive for independence


A new survey has revealed that women prefer to buy their first car rather than share a car with their parents or partner.

Diamond, a direct motor insurer specialising in car insurance for women surveyed a sample of its 200,000 customers to find out what they drove after passing their driving test.

64% of women buy their own car after passing their driving test, with the Ford Fiesta topping the list as most popular first car. Women tend to buy small and economical when purchasing their first car with Diamond's survey showing the top five cars for women as:

1. Ford Fiesta
2. Mini
3. Vauxhall Nova
4. Ford Escort
5. Nissan Micra

Women are also proving their driving ability by passing their driving tests at an early age with over 80% passing their test before turning 21 and 34% passing straight away at 17 years old:

Age % age Passed Driving Test
17 years old 34%
18 years old 22%
19 years old 10%
20 years old 5%
21 years old 11%

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond said, "Our survey clearly shows how eager women are to pass their test and get their first car. With 64% of new female drivers buying their first car, they now have the freedom to go where they want, when they want."

Sian continued, "A small, second-hand car such as a Fiesta or Mini is cheap to purchase and run which makes them perfect for new drivers. They are also cheap to insure which provides an excellent way for young women to start driving."

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