Whatís my age again? More men than women admit to lying about their age


Itís usually women who are expected to be sensitive about getting older, but new research has revealed men are more likely than women to tell white lies about their age.

Womenís car insurance specialist, Diamond, which celebrates its 16th birthday this year, surveyed 2,000 men and women about how they celebrate their birthdays and discovered men are more likely to lie about their age than women. One in ten of the men questioned said they have lied about how old they are on their birthday, compared to one in fourteen women.†

The study also surprisingly showed that weíre less likely to lie about our age the older we get. Men and women aged over 45 are the least likely to lie about their age, whilst those aged 25 to 35 are the most likely to.

Similar numbers of men (9%) and women (8%) have also asked friends and family not to mention their real age on their birthday because they felt too old.† Despite being the youngest age group polled, more 18-24 year olds said theyíve insisted on this, the highest out of any of the age groups questioned.

Diamondís managing director, Dave Halliday said, ďGetting older is a touchy subject for many of us but it did come as a surprise that itís us men who are more likely to tell fibs about our age on our birthday. And no, Iím not going to tell you how old I am!Ē
For seven out of ten people, birthdays become less important as they get older, and when it comes to celebrating our own birthdays, many of us just donít bother.†

Over a quarter (28%) of those questioned said they donít do anything on their birthday, whilst half said they just do something small. 15% said they always make sure they do something special every year and 7% of people just celebrate their Ďbigí birthdays.

But just because many men and women donít want to celebrate, this doesnít mean they donít want their loved one to make a fuss. 50% said they would prefer it if no one made a fuss of their birthday however almost one in five (19%) have claimed they didnít want a fuss made but have been disappointed when no one did.†

Again, thereís a marked difference between the genders. Three of out of five men compared to two out of five women would rather no one made a fuss, but three out of five women compared to almost one out of five men said they would be disappointed if no one actually made a fuss.

Dave Halliday continued, ďThe results certainly show itís a bit of minefield when it comes to knowing if a loved one wants you to make a fuss on their birthday. My advice would be to err on the side of caution and do at least a little something for them. We may say we donít want a fuss but generally we donít mean it!Ē

Even if you would rather not celebrate your own birthday, you can help Diamond celebrate its special day and you could win a car! To win a SEAT Mii and £500 worth of goodies from New Look just visit www.diamond-roadtrip.co.uk and tell Diamond about your perfect road trip.

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