Women swap their lipstick for a dipstick


Sisters are doing it for themselves when it comes to driving and looking after their cars. New research of 2,500 female motorists reveals many women are capable of changing oil, jump starting cars and changing wheels.

Some men may still see women as clueless when it comes to driving and car maintenance but a study by women's car insurance specialist, Diamond shows that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it seems Britain's fairer sex are fast becoming clued-up petrol heads.

Nearly three quarters of women know how to check the oil and water in their car, two in five can change a wheel, while a similar amount say they know how to jumpstart a car and change their windscreen wipers.

More than a fifth of women service their car every month, with a third doing it every time they go on a long journey.

And it's not just the practical side of motoring that interests women. 60% of the women questioned regularly watch Top Gear, while 10% love to watch motor sports.

Maria McCarthy, motoring journalist and author of ‘The Girls' Car Handbook' said, “Female drivers bear the brunt of many a car-related gag, yet our research shows that women are savvier about cars and motoring than many men give them credit for.

“Today's generation of women drivers don't depend on the men in their life to keep their car running and are more then capable when it comes to car care.”

The research also revealed female drivers take pride in the cars. Almost half clean their car once a month or more often, and of them, 38% clean their car by hand.

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