Sexy Sirens stop traffic in more ways than one!


Women's car insurance specialist Diamond has identified 4 different female driver types and the cars that best match their personalities. There's the Quirky Chick, Chic Globetrotter, Yummy Mummy and Sexy Siren, but what type are you?
Quirky Chicks don't like to be dictated to, know their personality and know what's right for them. They buy their vintage clothes in trendy boutiques and markets, have Sienna Miller as their style icon, and their dream holiday is on a tour of Vietnam. Their car match would be a Volkswagen Beetle, a Smart Car or a Mini.

Chic Globetrotters are well heeled and well groomed, like things to look stylish and perform really well. They buy their sharp, well-tailored suits from designer stores, have Charlize Theron as their style icon, and dream of holidaying in the shopping capital of Milan. Their car match would be an Audi TT, BMW M3 or Mercedes SLK.

Yummy Mummies are all about doing the school run looking gorgeous. They buy their stylish yet practical ‘anything that won't show up baby sick' clothes at department stores, have Jools Oliver as their style icon, and ‘dream' of holidaying at Centerparcs. Their car match would be a Renault Espace, Volkswagen Touran or BMW X5.

Finally, Sexy Sirens love to flirt and need to be looked at and admired. They buy their stilettos, crop tops and tight skirts at high street stores, have Alex Curran as their style icon, and dream of holidaying in Dubai with a footballer. Their car match would be a Ford StreetKa, Mazda MX5 or Peugeot 206cc.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "We looked at the driving records for each of the groups and found that the Sexy Sirens have the most accidents, and also have them more frequently than the others. Maybe they need to concentrate more on their driving rather than how they look! Yummy Mummies are the safest group having the lowest amount of and least frequent accidents which isn't surprising considering they could have their kids in the car."

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