Driving brings out the devil in men but the angel in women


New research suggests women may be better drivers than men after all. It reveals that men are twice as likely as women to have a motoring conviction, with male teenagers four times as likely as female teenagers to have one.

Diamond, a direct insurer specialising in car insurance for women, looked at the motoring convictions over the last year to see which ones are the most common and if there is a difference between the sexes. While speeding is by far the most common conviction for both men and women, only 6.1% of women have been caught speeding in the last year compared with 11.6% of men.

Diamond's managing director, Sian Lewis, said: "I'm not really surprised so many more men are caught speeding than women. Male drivers tend to be more aggressive than women, and are more likely to be involved in a serious accident."

Diamond's research also reveals there are differences between the sexes when it comes to breaking other laws:

  • Men are twice as likely as women to drive through a red light.
  • Men are three times more likely than women to be convicted of careless driving.
  • Men are four times more likely than women to drive without insurance.
  • Men are six times more likely than women to be caught drink driving.

Diamond has also produced a table of the ten most common motoring offences committed in the last year. It reveals that speeding accounts for more convictions than the next nine most common added together.

Position Motoring Conviction Percentage of drivers with conviction
1st Speeding 8.98%
2nd Offence at a traffic signal 0.67%
3rd Drink driving 0.27%
4th Careless driving 0.26%
5th Driving without insurance 0.21%
6th Offence at a pedestrian crossing 0.12%
7th Driving a defective vehicle 0.10%
8th Driving without a licence 0.06%
9th Dangerous driving 0.04%
10th Failing to stop following an accident 0.04%

Sian Lewis, continued: "There are now 4,500 speed cameras on our roads so it is no wonder that speeding is the most commonly broken law. Now there are reports that the government is considering reducing the number of points a motorist caught speeding receives from three to two. This suggests they consider it less severe than other convictions."

Diamond also looked at the percentage of motorists in different age groups that have received a motoring conviction in the last year. It found that motorists aged 26-40 were the most likely to break the law, while surprisingly teenage motorists were the least likely.

Age Group Women Men Overall
17-19 1.25% 4.56% 2.77%
20-25 7.24% 16.13% 11.71%
26-39 9.24% 17.19% 13.55%
40-59 6.16% 10.84% 8.64%
60+ 3.88% 6.77% 5.74%
Overall 7.07% 14.31% 10.86%

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