Diamond's Peugeot price slide


Peugeot has taken supermini innovation and safety levels to new heights with the 1007, and to celebrate its launch, leading insurer Diamond has decided to make it cheaper to insure, by lowering the recommended ABI insurance group.

Diamond, that specialises in insuring women, will insure the models that are group 5 at group 4, and the group 3 models at group 2, which will allow motorists with even the smallest budgets to cover their 1007.

Diamond's managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "We decided to lower the premium mainly due to the car's incredible safety levels; it achieved the highest points score by a supermini in the Euro NCAP safety test, and you don't need to worry about the sliding doors closing on you while putting your shopping in, as inbuilt sensors will automatically reverse the doors if anything is blocking them.

"Also, not only is the 1007 a great looking car, but due to its sliding doors, you can fit it in the smallest car parking space without having to worry about scratching the car next to you. The décor can also be changed, allowing your mood to match the interior colour, and the drawers under the front seats are perfect for keeping your smart shoes in on the way to your big night out."

So, what will this reduction mean in terms of prices? Diamond compared the cost of insuring the Dolce 1360 model through itself and two competitors and came up with the following prices:

28-year-old female IT consultant living in Fulham:


Direct Line

Norwich Union




(Internet quotes based on a 28 year old female IT consultant living in Fulham, full no claims bonus, social and commuting use, full licence held since 1994).

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