Diamond's solution for Britain's single men


If you're a single man looking for love, a new study has revealed exactly what you should be looking out for – the car that the object of your desire drives!

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond, decided to help the single men of Britain by looking at the cars driven by almost 1.5 million women and found that the list of cars driven by single women is dominated by city run-arounds. In fact, all of the top ten fit in that category. The most popular is the Ford Ka followed by the Volkswagen Fox and Peugeot 107.

On the other hand the list for married women is made up of people carriers and 4x4s with the Citroen C8 at the top of the list followed by the Ford S-Max and Volvo XC90, whilst cohabiters seem to want a bit of fun choosing real drivers' cars with the Alfa Romeo 147, BMW M3 and Lotus Elise.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented, "The contrast in cars being driven dependent on marital status is extraordinary as it shows just how popular people carriers and 4x4s have become, if only for married women. In fact, a married woman is 14 times more likely to drive a Citroen C8 than a single woman, so all you single men out there should steer clear of women driving them!"

But where are all these people carriers and 4x4s driven? Diamond's statistics showed that the highest proportion of married women live in Glasgow followed by Ilford in Essex and Maidstone in Kent. On the other hand, single men looking for love should head to Leeds, Newcastle or Aberdeen as that's where they'll find most single women.

Sian continued, "Leeds and Newcastle are seen as young and vibrant cities attracting independent professionals whose top priority isn't settling down any time too soon, so seeing a high proportion of single women living there isn't a surprise."

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