Handy women can keep their cars on the road


Women won't have any trouble with the new car maintenance questions on the driving theory test. According to a recent survey, women are more than capable of maintaining their own cars.

Learner drivers sitting the test from the 1 September will be expected to have knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance. Diamond, a direct insurer specialising in car insurance for women surveyed their customers on how much car maintenance they do themselves.

Scottish women came out on top, with 100% able to check their air pressure, oil and water. This compares with 83% of women in North England and 60% of Welsh women. In London and the Southeast, although 87% of women check their oil and water, only 40% know how to put air in their tyres, 50% less than the national average.

The figures also show that while women can maintain their car, far less would know how to repair it. Only 58% of those surveyed know how to change a tyre, compared to 40% who can use jump leads, while just 9% are able to change a fan belt.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond said, "Our results disprove the stereotype of the helpless female, who doesn't know what's under the bonnet of her car. Women are more than capable of keeping their cars on the road themselves."

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