Women who work out together are far more likely to lose weight


Women are more likely to lose weight if they diet and exercise with a friend, it has been revealed.

The average woman will shed more than 10 pounds when she has girlfriends who are willing to eat healthily and train with her.

But a fifth of those who choose to go it alone don't drop a single pound.

The study of 3,000 women, by women's car insurance specialist, Diamond shows 61 per cent find it almost impossible to summon up the enthusiasm to exercise alone.

But two thirds actually enjoy going for a jog or taking a swim with a friend - and admit they will push themselves harder if they have company.

And 56 per cent reckon exercising regularly with a mate improves their relationship, and means they see each other more.

Seven in 10 girls say exercise is less of a chore when they do it with friends, and over half admit they talk non-stop whilst doing it.

But despite the chit-chat, 87 per cent of ladies reckon they still get the same, if not better, exercise with friends.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond, which conducted the research, said: "It can be really hard to find the time, energy and enthusiasm for exercising when there's no-one to do it with.

"At the end of a long busy day at work, it would be so easy to slip into the arm chair for a few hours to relax, rather than go out for a jog or swim.

"But having a friend who is interested in keeping fit and toned can really help keep motivation - suddenly exercise isn't just about getting sweaty, and losing weight, it's about catching up on the latest gossip, and having a bit of quality time together.

"And the weight loss is an added bonus, the research shows those women who exercise with a friend have more luck at maintaining a healthy weight, even losing a few pounds in the process."

But the poll shows dieting and exercising with a friend isn't all about improving relationships, for some it's a bit of a fashion contest.

A third of girls would always buy themselves a brand new exercise outfit if they were about to train with a friend for the first time.

And 21 per cent admit they do also compare fitness fashion tips with their mates when at the gym - discussing where clothing has been bought, how much their trainers were etc.

More than a third of ladies always wear make up when exercising, and a fifth of girls apply more make up to exercise to try and cover up the red face and sweat.

One in five girls would refuse to exercise with a friend if they weren't wearing make-up, and 29 per cent would avoid it if they didn't have a decent set of training clothes.

Sian Lewis continues: "Women wouldn't be women if they didn't pay some attention to their appearance before exercising with a friend.

"Girls like to look their best at all times, whether it's in the gym, in the pub or at work, and there's no reason why we can't combine a bit of fitness with a bit of glamour - who knows who you might bump into?"

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