Housewives desperate for life in the fast lane


New research of the driving habits of housewives reveals they drive more expensive cars with bigger engines and have more speeding convictions than other women motorists.

Women's car insurance specialist, Diamond, studied the driving habits of almost 300,000 UK housewives and compared them with other women motorists.

The results show housewives like more powerful, expensive cars and are more likely to be caught speeding.

Amongst the data uncovered by Diamond is:

  • Housewives' cars are an average of 1,530 more expensive than other women's
  • Their engine sizes are on average 282ccs larger than other women
  • They are 11% more likely to have a speeding conviction than other women
  • They also drive an average of 619 miles a year less than other women

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, said: “Housewives make up the biggest occupational group we insure, we wanted to see if there were any differences between them and the rest of the female motoring population.

“Some of the figures were startling. The average value of housewives' cars is considerably higher, as is the engine size of the cars they drive.

“It seems that TV's Susan, Bree, Gabrielle and Lynette aren't the only housewives with a love of fast, expensive cars. The UK's housewives certainly seem to enjoy life in the fast lane as well!”

Diamond also looked at the types of cars housewives prefer and found these also differed from other women. Number one on the housewives' list is the VW Golf, but number one for all other women is the Ford Fiesta.

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