2008 Press releases

More men than women happy to have one too many for the road

A new study has revealed men are much more willing to drive after drinking than women. It also carries a warning... More.

Handbag car thefts netting thieves

Leaving your handbag in the car may seem harmless, but not when you realise how many are stolen each year from... More.

Diamonds aren't a woman's best friend finds Diamond - it's girlfriends

The age-old adage says that a dog is man's best friend, but what about a woman's best friend? Women's car... More.

Women in top gear for motoring

Female motorists are the brunt of many a car-related gag, yet new research reveals women are savvier about cars... More.

Irritating passengers driving partners around the bend

Does your partner drive you mad when they're a passenger in the car with quips about your driving, fiddling with... More.

The formula for a perfect best friend

What do trust, respect, fun, consistency and empathy have in common?  They have all been revealed as the... More.

Car christening Britons love their cars

A new study reveals half of UK motorists admit to loving their car and a third take this even further by giving... More.

Replacing kids' equipment is easy as ABC

Women's insurance expert Diamond has today launched a new benefit for new and existing customers. Comprehensive... More.

Money bags

British women are carrying around a small fortune in their handbags, according to a new survey. The average... More.

Depp and Clarkson top road trip fantasy list

Johnny Depp has been revealed as the person women would most want to accompany them on their fantasy road trip,... More.

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