2003 Press releases

What women want for Christmas

Forget jewellery or chocolate, most women dream of a sleek and shiny sports car for Christmas.... More.

Bad news for women drivers, good news for boy racers.

New plans revealed by the European Commission, banning discrimination between the sexes when setting... More.

Women feel the most rage on the roads

Women drivers are more likely than men to feel road rage, but are less likely to physically act on it,... More.

Handy women can keep their cars on the road

Women won't have any trouble with the new car maintenance questions on the driving theory test. According... More.

Expensive for Tomb Raiders, cheap for the rest of us

Being a heroine will cost you more on your insurance according to direct motor insurer Diamond. The... More.

Women drivers strive for independence

A new survey has revealed that women prefer to buy their first car rather than share a car with their... More.

Top Tips for Tiny Travellers

We all know that travelling with children can be hard work. With this in mind, Diamond, a direct motor... More.

Sisters are doing it for themselves

We all know that women are more independent than ever but the one area where men are still ahead of the... More.

Where do women buy their insurance?

A recent survey examining women's' preferred method of buying car insurance has highlighted the... More.

Men drive women mad

A new survey has revealed that while two thirds of women drivers believe they do not have any irritating... More.

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